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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How are nanomaterials being used around us – and what are the potential risks? Khara D. Grieger, an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Environmental Health and Risk Assessment at North Carolina State University, joins us to discuss this intriguing topic.

With a Ph.D. in environmental engineering, Khara is interested in unpacking the uses and risks of nanotechnology in agriculture and food production. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of risk assessment, risk management, and stakeholder engagement, her research is truly ahead of its time…

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The range of nanomaterials that are being developed and used in food and agricultural products.
  • Examples of engineered nanomaterials.
  • Food additives that may be detrimental to health, and why companies keep using them.

To learn more about Khara and her work, click here now!

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