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Integrative medical doctor Dana Cohen talks about the importance of hydration as well as some surprising nuances as discussed in her book Quench, which she coauthored with Gina Bria.

She describes for listeners

  • Why the ubiquitous eight-glasses-a-day is not an effective guideline and why;
  • The ties between energy levels, brain sharpness, and hydration; and
  • Some basic daily steps toward better hydration.

Dr. Dana Cohan is a nationally-renowned integrative medical doctor with a multidisciplinary approach to her practice. She trained under Dr. Atkins and has been practicing for more than twenty years.

She begins the podcast by recounting how few of her patients come in to her office feeling as if they hydrate enough.  She feels that proper hydration is the single most important thing one can do to treat and prevent chronic illness. This along with Dr. Gerald Pollock’s findings of a “fourth phase of water,” were the impetus behind writing the book.

She describes some of the ways just focusing on drinking lots of water leaves an individual behind in hydration, and believes many of us function in a place of low-grade dehydration. She says that one of first signs to look for is fatigue because hydration is a source of energy in the body.

Hydration provides electrical energy and helps us store our energy better. But if we only focus on water, we can dilute our electrolytes and minerals. She explains ways to avoid this, including a daily regime that includes front-loading our water intake first thing as well as filling ourselves with water from foods like vegetables and fruit. She gets into more detail about what this looks like and other handy ways to hydrate, including certain movements.

For more, her book Quench is available from multiple retailers.

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