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Gina Bria is an anthropologist and founder of the Hydration Foundation. She joins the show to discuss an incredibly valuable, newly discovered form of concentrated water.

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why the environment we live in is so dehydrating, leaving many of us in a chronic state of dehydration (perhaps without even knowing it)
  • How the molecular structure of ordered water differs from the structure of the water found in your tap or ordinary bottle of water
  • Where to find the best sources of structured water, or even create your own for improved health and cognitive performance

As an anthropologist, Gina Bria was studying desert communities of humans when she became curious about their ability to survive with such limited amounts of water. She soon made the fascinating discovery that these communities of thriving humans were not using liquid for hydration; they were using plants.

This finding led her to investigate these plants, which in turn led her to Dr. Gerald Pollack’s identification of a new form of water called structured water (it also goes by many other names, including ordered water, coherent water, EZ water, coherent domain water, and liquid crystalline water). It has a gel-like quality and superior ability to supply hydration, and is found in all living cells on the planet.

In essence, this water is formed when water molecules move closer to one another and share electrons.

Surprisingly, this is actually the natural state of water, as it is in this phase when it purifies, cleanses, and activates itself in the hydrological cycle in the planet and inside biological systems. Tap and bottled water have been interfered with, and since the body must use resources to organize it, it can actually encourage poor hydration.

Bria founded the Hydration Foundation with the goal of sharing this valuable information with the world. She discusses the many methods of structuring water, highlights the myriad influences in daily life that leave us dehydrated, and touches on the health benefits of staying truly hydrated.

Tune in for all the details and visit to learn more.


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