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“Nature, over millions of years, developed the immune system in vertebrate animals,” says Martin Steegmaier. And one of those developments is the antibody—a large protein that detects and neutralizes threats to the body, like viruses and bacteria.

Learn how one company is using this to tackle cancer, and discover:

  • How the monoclonal antibody production process works
  • The half-life of an antibody in the human body, and why it matters
  • Methods of antibody-based treatment administration

Steegmaier is head of research at MorphoSys AG, a company that’s focused on antibody discovery and development, with an aim to become a leader in hematology-oncology and autoimmune disease treatment.

He discusses the benefits and observed effects of antibody-based treatment for various cancers, and the key differences between the use of antibodies (large molecules) and small molecules in the treatment of cancer. He also explains the function of the most notable antibody treatments on the MorphoSys drug discovery platform, one of which was launched last July for the treatment of an aggressive type of cancer called diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

For a deep dive into the science behind antibody development and how antibodies interact with cancer cells, press play.

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