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How can the water you drink contribute to the formation or treatment of cancer?

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Deuterium present in the water may play a significant role.

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  • What heavy water is
  • How deuterium factors into MRI’s
  • Where to find deuterium-depleted water

Functional medicine doctor Petra Davelaar joins the podcast to discuss her research on deuterated water and how it may be a critical factor in health and cancer.

Deuterium present in water and the food around us is often overlooked but plays a significant role in maintaining health and staving off potentially severe diseases.

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The lower the deuterium present in what is put into the body, the better it is.

Despite the evidence that deuterium plays such a significant role in many different processes within the body, the medical industry continues to overlook the benefits of manipulating the levels within the body. However, drinking deuterium-depleted water and honing one’s diet may be effective strategies to combat certain diseases.

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