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Michael Pole runs two cryptocurrency investment groups:

1. New Money Mastermind, a paid group for investors with $10K in cryptocurrency and some knowledge of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general

2. Crypto Curious People, a free group for individuals who are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and investing, but don’t know where to start.

Both groups have the goal of spreading awareness and education about cryptospace, everything from new government regulations of ICOs, to deciding how to choose which ICO’s to invest in.

Overall, Michael looks at what problems the ICO is trying to solve, and cautions against investing in anything that you don’t understand.

Michael also offers thoughts on the role of Bitcoin as a reserve currency for cryptospace, and how to judge current and future markets.


  • New Money Mastermind (Paid Cryptocurrency Investing Group – for investors with $10k+): The paid group is $299/month, and there is a special offer still running for the first 100 members – more details here:
  • Crypto Curious People (Free Cryptocurrency Investing Group – for beginners to learn the basics):
  • Michael’s LinkedIn Profile:

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