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The healthcare industry is “Byzantinely complex,” says Corey Todaro, one of the founders of Hashed Health. The freedom to choose from a variety of different providers, says Todaro, “makes a true longitudinal view of a single patient almost an impossibility…it takes a tremendous amount of resources to identify you in different systems and to have a full understanding of your health condition.”

For many, the disorganization of the healthcare industry and the inconsistencies that emerge from it are unsettling.  Todaro believes that blockchain and distributer ledger technology can provide the solution. “Blockchain pulls transactional players together onto a common and shared transactional platform, so even though we have a diversity of enterprise types…blockchains allow all of these diverse entities to interoperate together in a more efficient and a more promising way.”

The ideas and efforts put forth by Hashed Health hold great promise for the future of the healthcare industry. Tune in to learn more.

Todaro also discusses:

  • The difference between and importance of provider identity management and patient identity management in creating a more efficient delivery of healthcare services

  • How to reconcile the transparency of the blockchain with the need to protect and secure PHI on the blockchain

  • What’s on the horizon for Hashed Health, including the upcoming blockchain healthcare conference and a unique token offering

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