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“It all stems back to my Fit2Fat2Fit journey, where I learned just how wrong I was with my approach to trying to transform people; I could give someone the best meal plans, I could give them the best workouts, I could give them the best hacks to optimize their brain and their body from a physical perspective, but none of that matters unless a person knows to how to overcome their own mental and emotional challenges…so that’s what I hope to bring to the fitness industry,” says Drew Manning, who simply couldn’t understand why it was so difficult for his clients to stick to a meal and exercise plan in order to lose weight and get fit.

What did he do? He decided to truly “walk the walk”: he quit working out and indulged an unrestricted typical American diet filled with processed foods for six months, gained 75 pounds, and saw his health rapidly decline before working his way back to being fit and healthy. What he learned along the way is that the aspects of mental and emotional health are largely overlooked in the health and fitness industry, but absolutely essential to becoming healthy and fit.

Drew Manning will be speaking on this topic at the 2019 Metabolic Health Summit slated for January 31-February 3, and his latest book, Complete Keto, will be released on February 12th.

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It’s a compilation of the latest and greatest keto research and contains a 30-day program that relies heavily on lessons from his Fit2Fat2Fit journey.

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It’s available now for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Tune in for the full conversation and check out for more.

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