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Dan Baird, CEO of Wrench.AI (, embarks on an intricate analysis of the future of marketing strategies and consumer data as AI opens the secret door to better client and consumer profiles. Dan Baird’s entrepreneurial spirit as a self-described launch strategist has driven him to create and launch multiple startups in a wide variety of sectors. From oversized beanbags to fundraising entities, when it comes to launching businesses, Baird has always been curious about the journey as well as the destination. His company, Wrench.AI collaborates with entrepreneurs to help simplify their product launches and thus build a better gateway to success. Through the use of AI-powered software, Wrench.AI is a tool that combines aggregate data and information about existing customer and client bases to provide a deeper understanding of how they think, and what type of products may interest them.

Wrench.AI is the clever combination of a marketing agency that specializes in equity crowdfunding and a software company focused on delivering simple, accurate code. Their primary goal is to provide a simplified process in which companies can utilize the incredible power of their data to automate manual processes and maximize their marketing efforts via AI and machine learning. Wrench.AI seeks to create data-driven solutions that push business marketing, sales, and efficiencies forward while reducing the exorbitant costs of acquiring capital. Wrench.AI is engaged with many types of B2B organizations such as commercial real estate firms, funds, merchant and online lenders, credit unions, cash advance companies, mezzanine financiers, packaged goods companies, and many more.

The entrepreneurial strategist states that through the combination of digital marketing strategies and existing public data, Wrench.AI offers a more precise and detailed look at where the true potential lies within potential investor and client lists. As Baird explains, the AI provides a wealth of information that gives incredible insight into groups and individuals to understand how informed they are about product lines or services, and as such provides an indisputable inside edge with marketing.

As Baird states, every company on the planet has a marketing and sales division and Wrench.AI’s platform enables them to nail their goals more efficiently. Baird remarks how the AI can, amazingly, reverse engineer specific personality types based on words and language to provide a keen insight into who your target demographic or potential lead, or customer actually is at the core. Utilizing this information and data offers an opportunity to go forward into a point of contact or engagement with a potential customer or client armed with knowledge of their specific grasp of a particular product, line, or service, as well as their potential for buying. Also, by pairing individuals with similar personality traits, Wrench.AI allows for conversations and engagement points to be streamlined, which creates a greater opportunity for success, and most assuredly a decreased stress interaction. Baird muses that as the AI develops, the question companies will pose is, how can we do bigger, better, and fewer innovation strategies in the future and Wrench.AI is poised to be there for companies to help them push their marketing forward to the next level.

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