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Jason Sosa, founder and CEO of Blackbox AI (, delivers an overview of his company’s visionary approach to improving the way we work and connect. Blackbox AI’s mission is to help corporate and industrial teams better understand and enact advancing technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Blockchain, Computer Vision and other technologies to solve challenging business problems.

As Sosa explains, Blackbox AI is a decentralized talent platform that allows entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best by providing a means for them to modify their skills from anywhere in the world. With talent comprised of PhDs, executives, and technologists, Blackbox AI strives to bring leaders and business minds together by using machine learning to optimize information and match teams and projects to those who are best suited for the tasks, regardless of where they are physically located in the world. This is the backbone, Sosa states, for creating smart contracts. Regarding payment, Blackbox AI utilizes a token system that creates a trust transaction for people in the network who are working together.

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Blackbox AI looked to cryptocurrency to solve their problem of building a brand new economic model that they refer to as ‘boosted capitalism,’ a system in which workers find a deeper meaning in the work they do. Essentially, Blackbox AI seeks to enable people to open up their network, work on the projects they choose, from anywhere they exist.

The groundbreaking vision of Blackbox AI empowers people to have a third alternative regarding work. As opposed to just working for corporate as many do, or working for yourself (which comes with a whole host of issues such as the need for marketing and legal, and so on), Blackbox AI offers a solution that capitalizes on the best parts of both systems.

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By decentralizing the traditional work platform, connections are extended deeper creating an optimum situation in which team members and project operators, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, and technologists can come together.

The technology-based alternative work expert discusses how his company protects against fluctuations in the economy by holding client revenues in reserve to be available for liquidity into the AI ecosystem. Blackbox AI’s platform is helping to solve the feast or famine problem that freelancers often face as they go from lean periods to periods of excessive incoming work. Sosa refers to his platform and network as a type of co-op with guard rails that embodies a level of higher trust amongst respected, intelligent individuals seeking to accomplish their goals and commit to projects that interest them.

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