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United Bitcoin is a payment platform that’s offering its users faster transaction times and lower fees than other platforms of its kind. In addition, the team at United Bitcoin is just weeks away from implementing smart contracts on the platform.

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It was only launched about four months ago, but United Bitcoin is already listed on 18 exchanges and is looking to expand further. The platform currently offers four wallet options, the most recent addition being the user-friendly AnyBits mobile wallet.

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Marco Ferreira is the marketing director at United Bitcoin and is excited to discuss another project that’s backed by United Bitcoin called UB Pay.

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UB Pay will allow for day-to-day transactions to be carried out using a cryptocurrency that is pegged to fiat currency in a one-to-one ratio, thereby eliminating concerns of volatility. Although the stable coin was released as recently as April 3rd of this year, Ferreira is confident that UB Pay will be implemented globally.

Visit to get involved, and follow United Bitcoin’s social media pages for the latest news and developments.


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