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Medtech Impact on Wellness

If you’ve ever experienced chronic pain, odds are that you’ve tried various solutions to mitigate that pain. Maybe you’ve found something that works. Great! If not, you may be looking for an alternative to your current therapy.  One of the latest technologies in pain management utilizes painless electromagnetic pulse therapy to provide long-term pain relief. Dr. Jeff Marksberry, Chief Medical Officer of medical technology company Oska Wellness, discusses the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology that is utilized in the Oska Pulse. This device emits precise frequencies of pulsed electromagnetic fields to provide pain relief on virtually any area of the body that may be painful.

Dr. Marksberry discusses the many benefits of using the Oska Pulse (of note – there are no known side effects), and how patients have achieved significant pain reduction – some patients have been able to manage their pain exclusively with the Oska Pulse.

For more information, visit and find the device on Amazon.


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