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Beth Zupec-Kania, RDN, CD, noted ketogenic diet and nutrition expert, lecturer, and top consultant for The Charlie Foundation, provides extensive information on good nutrition and how the ketogenic diet helps fight certain diseases.

Nutrition expert, Beth Zupec-Kania, is a registered and certified dietitian and nutritionist. She has amassed over 25 years of experience as a consultant and coach for medical professionals, patients, and individuals, on the power of nutritional ketosis for combatting select neurological disorders, and certain types of cancers and metabolic-based health problems. Zupec-Kania has been associated with The Charlie Foundation for many years where she continues to spread the word on the power of nutrition and keto for everyone. Her impressive resume, global reputation, and research in the field are but three of the many reasons why over 250 medical centers have attended her seminars and workshops for medical professionals at The Charlie Foundation.

Zupec-Kania’s primary work is promoting ketogenic diet therapy as a means to help children with inherited metabolic disorders. Additionally, she seeks to offer solutions and nutritional assistance for anyone who is required to exist on a blenderized diet, which is a diet of foods and liquids that are thinned in a blender for those with special conditions. Zupec-Kania works with her patients to make a personalized plan that is tailored to their specific nutritional and medical needs.

The nutrition guru recounts her motivation for devoting her life to nutrition and health. Zupec-Kania’s father was a cancer patient and she witnessed the harsh chemo and radiation sessions that her father endured that seemingly offered little or no help at all in regard to his condition.

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Motivated to help others and find a better way, at college prep school she declared her area of study as nutrition and her journey began.

Zupec-Kania discusses the ketogenic diet’s rise at the Mayo Clinic, first introduced as a method for treating epilepsy patients. Zupec-Kania states that keto was also being studied at about the same time in Germany, as a treatment for cancer.

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And after many years, the medical community is now beginning to accept keto as a means of treating select types of cancer.

Zupec-Kania outlines the various beneficial mechanisms of a ketogenic diet. She discusses cancer and states that it is an inflammatory process. As the ketogenic diet has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect it is a good option for people with certain types of cancers. She explains how glucose feeds tumor cells and how a ketogenic diet can help to cut off cancer cells’ energy supply. Zupec-Kania remembers patients with whom she has worked and recounts stories of those who saw improvement after beginning, and sticking with, their ketogenic diet. She states that while the power of keto is obvious, unfortunately, many doctors and healthcare professionals are still not aware of the benefits it may provide to their patients.

Zupec-Kania outlines her process, as she works with patients to devise a tailored strategy for their degree of ketosis, which takes into account all their medical factors, goals, and general issues.

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She provides detailed information about exogenous ketones and benefits they may provide to some individuals. And Zupec-Kania explains medium-chain fats that are ketotic producing, such as coconut oil and MCT oil, etc.

Zupec-Kania discusses cancer patients who have experienced dramatic improvements, sometimes even putting their cancer into remission. Results are varied, of course, but most patients express, at minimum, feeling better overall when on a ketogenic diet. Zupec-Kania stresses the importance of starting early, however, and not waiting, for an early start to a ketogenic diet can sometimes have a profound impact on certain diseases and conditions.


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