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Shivam Bhalla, CEO, and Amedeo Lattari, COO, of Troolr (, provide an overview of their new platform that is helping users and service providers connect to get jobs done.

The Troolr founders discuss their vision for making every task efficient and easy, no matter where you are or what you need to get done. Troolr delivers convenience and efficiency. With Troolr, users can easily find reliable local professionals and compare them based on reviews and overall experience. And Troolr makes it simple to communicate directly with the professional you need, without a laundry list of-of questions. You find, connect, and then meet up with the professional of your choosing and get your job completed.

The CEO and COO talk about their platform and the services that many of their providers deliver. Troolr is open to most types of services, in a peer-to-peer based platform, from blue collar to white collar services. Essentially, if there is a demand, Troolr seeks to provide for that by bringing many quality service providers into their extensive network.

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They talk about the ways in which prospective users can review potential candidates for the job—from reviewing their work history, educational background, social media, reviews, etc., and of course, there’s a photo of the service provider so you know who you’re dealing with. And with thousands upon thousands of businesses already inhabiting their great new platform, information is valuable to help users select the perfect person or team for the job.

Bhalla and Lattari explain the volume of data that they gather that helps users to understand which service providers are being chosen. They state that the local services industry is part of a $400 billion dollar market, and yet it is completely fragmented. And while the market already does have several viable gig-oriented platforms, such as the well known, Angie’s List, Bhalla and Lattari have found through their extensive prelaunch research that there is still plenty of room for newer platforms like Troolr to thrive in the market.

The founders detail the two major types of users that come to their platform seeking service providers. First, there is the browser, a user who likes to browse the providers online, find who they are seeking, and connect directly. The other type of user prefers to create a call to action, to post their job and have service providers reach out to them.

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They talk about the detailed profiles that service providers can post on Troolr, and how that offers more value to the user in a qualitative manner. And as they gather more data, eventually they will be making recommendations on their platform about industry standard rates, which will help to ensure that service providers are paid a respectable industry standard rate for their skill and experience.
Bhalla and Lattari discuss their growth plans for the future. They expect to soon release an on-demand system. For example, if you need someone immediately, for plumbing or other need, the platform will provide information on those who are available right now, not tomorrow. Because when you need it now, you need it now.

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