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Attorneys are always looking for ways to improve their “game”, so to speak.

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There is a demand for more in-depth data to help make decisions about which direction to take their cases. Lex Machina, which began as a public interest product through Stanford Law School, is bringing open transparency to the law. Through legal analytics, they offer a solution to any sort of guessing game or surface level research that attorneys would normally do in a case.

Lex Machina’s, Lexpressions engine, provides attorneys information generally not accessible about judges, other attorneys, award amounts, timelines in cases and other legal related material. By examining and digesting this data, lawyers now have insight into the behaviors and results that different legal approaches may yield.

They can evaluate the likelihoods of a win for a certain motion before a judge, make educated presumptions on how long it will likely take to get to a trial, and even examine which judges are more likely to rule in a certain way based on their past cases heard.

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In this interview CEO of Lex Machina, Josh Becker talks about insights in legal analytics and the company’s future aspirations since its acquisition by powerhouse, LexisNexis, in November 2015.

For more information visit: https://lexmachina.

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