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Additive Rocket Corporation, (ARC Engines) is a manufacturer and designer of rocket engines and propulsion systems for launch vehicles and satellites. The company utilizes 3D printing and design floor additive manufacturing to optimize and enhance the performance of these propulsion systems.

Advancements in space exploration rely heavily on propulsion technology.

The key developments in this arena can be extremely costly and take a great amount of time. The leaders at ARC are using state-of-the-art design and simulation software to cut the time and cost of manufacturing the parts that are essential to this science. With 3D printing, they can create a product with less time and cost.

In the time it takes conventional manufacturers to create one part, ARC can turn designs into products in hours. For example, generally, it takes months to create a rocket. With ARC, using their additive manufacturing process and 3D printing, they can produce a final product in less than a week at a mere fraction of the cost.

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According to CEO, Andy Kieatiwong and Chief Science Officer, Reiley Weekes, ARC is grabbing the attention of large satellite manufacturers.

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In this fascinating interview, they explain the technology behind their rapid product development and the company’s goals for the future of enhancing space development and exploration through safe, cost-effective and timely manners.

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