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Everyone is aware of Ethereum’s issues with scaling. Enter Constellation – a solution. Constellation is offering a vision for a better, independent protocol that relies on a horizontally scalable directed acyclic graph, or DAG.

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Over a year ago, Constellation began using a new kind of architecture building an original blockchain on Ethereum with DApp, from the ground up.

Constellation aims to speed up transactions to be several thousand times faster than traditional blockchains, where every single transaction requires a very complicated protocol.

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The way in which Constellation has built their blockchain with horizontal scalability, the more nodes that are on the network, the faster the blockchain becomes. Constellation uses Proof-of-Meme consensus and nodes are incentivized when they behave properly and link to other nodes in a geographical area.

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In this interview CTO, Wyatt Meldman-Floch, and CEO, Brendan Playford explains why scalability is the crucial component to mainstream adoption of decentralized ledgers, why traditional blockchains won’t be able to keep up and why they want to make nodes available to the average person.

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