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As the CEO of vSpatial, John Sallaway is helping companies bring their employees together in a more meaningful, engaging, and immersive way.

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With the use of AR and VR technology, vSpatial is a telecommunications app that allows people working from anywhere on the globe to interact and share data with their coworkers as if they were doing so in the same room. With the option of having multiple monitors open at once, the ability to communicate with multiple people simultaneously, and the power to control the movement of data with the swipe of your fingertips, the vSpatial app outperforms traditional methods of two-dimensional PC and tablet-based communications.

The vSpatial app is available through both Oculus and Steam, and the number of users continues to grow.

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Several enterprises are currently using the app as trial customers with the goal of implementing this technology to conduct company-wide meetings–an option that will cut company costs in terms of airfare and hotel stays for employees, as well as time spent on travel.

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This technology is bridging the gap between two major demands of the fast-growing millennial workforce: the ability to work remotely, and the ability to feel genuinely connected to others.

Tune in to learn about what’s on the horizon for vSpatial, and how the role of VR and AR technology, in general, will affect the way in which people interact in virtual workplaces.

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