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Founded Dragon Foundry, a game studio developing revolutionary real-time cross-platform games for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android mobile. Managed all aspects of the studio and its growth, including recruiting over 30 people across engineering, product management, design, and art. Developed and launched the award-winning Nova Blitz real-time card game.
– Raised two rounds of investment funding
– Closed partnership & publishing deals with major publishers, including Electronic Arts
– Reduced content development costs by 60% compared to similar titles
– Delivered 0 minutes of downtime by developing a scalable automated live game service

Nova Token – Nova Token holders earn new cards through proof of stake. Stake your NVT on a game, and when the game releases new cards, you’ll earn copies of them based on the amount of NVT you stake. And because these are tokens on the blockchain, you own them, and can: Play with them and sell them to other players Distribution of cards is based on proof of stake. A minimum NVT holding is required, and the more NVT you stake, the more copies of each card you’ll receive.

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