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The sensory and navigational abilities of migratory birds are a staggering phenomenon. As birds continue to complete successful voyages spanning thousands of miles, scientists have many questions about how they are able to do so with such accuracy and precision. 

Dr. Henrik Mouritsen is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Chemistry as well as a permanent Full Professor at the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences, University of Oldenburg, Germany. As an individual that has been particularly interested in birds from a young age, Dr. Mouritsen has been researching the behavior of these animals for years. In particular, he is curious about how they utilize the earth’s magnetic field for navigation.

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Tune in now to hear Dr. Mouritsen discuss:

  • How birds are able to distinguish between north and south.
  • The interaction between specific colors of light and magnetic fields. 
  • Why many birds migrate at night. 

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Can we untangle the many mysteries of birds’ navigational methods?

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How can quantum physics help us figure this out? Find out now from an investigator at the forefront of this research! 

You can learn more about Dr. Mouritsen and his work at and

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