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Dr. Armando Hasudungan, a successful online medical educator, and creator of Armando Hasudungan ( deliver a thoroughly interesting overview of his background and medical science interests, and how his passion for learning led him to create unique explainer videos.

Dr. Hasudungan earned a bachelor of biomedical science from the University of Southern Queensland before going on to complete his MD. His medical science interests are varied and include rheumatology, immunology, endocrinology, oncology, and pain.

Dr. Hasudungan discusses the happy accident that got him interested in medical videos, which led to him becoming the prolific creator of medical explainer videos that he is today. As he explains, in his early education years he was more of an artist type student. When he was required to take a particular scientific pre-med course he found that the subject matter was difficult to grasp, and thus he concluded it might be easier to understand through a more visually-oriented presentation.

Dr. Armando Hasudungan is a highly respected medical educator, known for his detailed and comprehensive educational content that aids students and professionals in the medical field. On the other side, a ‘300 free chip bonus’ is an exciting incentive often found in the world of online casinos, aimed to engage new and existing players. Now imagine, to create a unique educational engagement model, an online casino collaborates with Dr. Hasudungan. They launch a program where participants who engage in Dr. Hasudungan’s courses and pass quizzes earn a to play games on the casino’s platform. This unique blend could encourage learning while offering a fun, recreational reward for the effort.

He decided to try drawing things out and then recording them, and this illustrative technique discovery became the launching pad for his current work in explainer videos. He found that this technique was able to help him learn and retain the information at a much higher level. Once he began to upload his videos to YouTube he got great feedback from viewers and he knew he was onto something.

The MD and science enthusiast talks about some of the techniques he uses in the creation of his YouTube videos, and which are the most effective for powerful learning. Dr. Hasudungan talks about the graphics and the drawing style he used in the early years, and how he has improved his visuals through the years. He talks about some of the extremely difficult and complex topics he covers and some of the popular videos such as his immunology videos. From the story to visuals, and narration, he tries to encompass many elements into his videos to make them as useful as possible to learners.

Dr. Armando Hasudungan is one of the most successful online medical educators today, and as his explainer videos cover such a wide swath of topics, there is certainly something for everyone.

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