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Think you’re too old to improve your physique or even reach your fitness peak? Intimidated by the young bodybuilders at the local gym?

If so, you’re not alone.

Peter Murano was 63 when he realized just how out of shape he felt and looked. Despite fleeting thoughts that perhaps he was too old to make a real change, he joined the gym, got a personal trainer, and started completely changing his life.

Although he encountered discomfort along this journey – mainly because twenty-something-year-old guys with picture-perfect bodies seemed everywhere – he stayed on the path, learning everything he could from the process.

Today, he’s nearly 70 years old and holds certifications from the American Council on Exercise and International Sports Science Association. As the founder of Old Man Muscle Fitness, he focuses on helping aging men achieve the body and overall health they desire.

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Press play to learn:

  • How many of the five categories of aging can be controlled by us
  • The impact of physical activity on the brain and mental health
  • Why everyone loses muscle mass as they age
  • The variety of training modalities available and the ones Murano uses most
  • What anabolic resistance is (and why it matters for muscle!)

Tune in and learn more at Old Man Muscle Fitness – YouTube.

Episode also available on Apple Podcasts:

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