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Joining us today is Donny Greens, the Founder of Finest Foods. Finest Foods is a business that provides microgreens to consumers in order to improve the local community’s health and sustainability.

On top of his work with Finest Foods, Donny has a Youtube channel called “Donny Greens”. Here he teaches others how to grow their own microgreens businesses with insightful tips, tricks, and advice to help them succeed.

From crop planning to customer management, Donny is dedicated to streamlining microgreens businesses across the globe… 

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Click play to hear Donny discuss:

  • What microgreens are, and how they offer potent health benefits.
  • How microgreens are grown and harvested, and what customers use them for.
  • The pressures that come with running a food business.
  • Donny’s goals and aspirations moving forward.

Click here to connect with Donny’s work for yourself!

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