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Today we chat with Oscar Adelman, the Founder and CEO of Remi. Remi is a direct-to-consumer sleep and wellness organization backed by Foundation Capital. The mission of Remi is to provide affordable and ultra-comfortable custom night guards to individuals who would otherwise have to obtain this protection from a dentist.

Oscar has a diverse background in business. From being a part of the BMW venture capital team to investing with startups, Oscar has been finding inventive ways to cut out the middleman and go directly to the consumer.

What are the benefits of acquiring these products directly from a company? Affordability and convenience.

Increased stress is linked with teeth grinding and clenching, which causes poor sleep, jaw pain and headaches. But did you know that 1 in every 4 adults grind or clench their teeth while sleeping?
A Remi Custom Night Guard can protect your teeth from grinding and clenching, while saving you hundreds of dollars compared to the dental office.
Use code GUARD20 for 20% off your order. Visit now.

Listen now to learn more about:

  • How Remi’s custom night guards protect peoples’ teeth from the detrimental effects of grinding.
  • The short and long-term negative impacts of grinding and clenching your teeth at night.
  • The feedback that Remi gets from its customers.
  • Oscar’s overall vision for Remi.

Want to learn more about Oscar and his work with Remi? Visit now, and make sure you use the code GENIUS25 to receive 20% off of your order!

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