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In this episode, we explore the world of deep sleep with Dr. Dan Gartenberg. Dr. Gartenberg is the CEO of SleepSpace, a company that provides people with various sleep-related resources so that they can discover effective ways to improve their rest.

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Dr. Gartenberg has been trying to “hack sleep” for 15 years. With a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, he is deeply interested in how sleep affects perception and discernment. Dr. Garten is determined to make a difference in the field of sleep health with his innovative mindset…

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Join us now to explore:

  • The anti-aging benefits of enhancing sleep patterns.
  • SleepSpace’s approach to improving sleep quality.
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  • How SleepSpace addresses various sleep issues.
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  • The importance of achieving regular sleep patterns.

Sleep is how we process reality, and improving it has the potential to benefit many other parts of our lives – from healing trauma to achieving optimal cognitive function.

You can learn more about SleepSpace and its resources by visiting To get a 30-day free trial for listening, go to now!

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