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Medtech Impact on Wellness

How can artificial intelligence modify psychiatric treatment to benefit the patient? Analyzing large sets of data and the study of genomics can target specific doses of medications more effectively for each individual.

Listen in the learn:

  • How machine learning can fit into psychiatric treatment
  • Why some medicines are not effective in specific sets of individuals
  • How trial and error prescription can be reduced

Maurice Chiang, the cofounder of Prairie Health, describes his work using machine learning and data analysis in psychiatric treatment.

By analyzing longitudinal data sets collected over decades, treatment in psychiatry can be tailored more effectively for each patient based upon their response to medication. By studying the data with artificial intelligence systems, genetic trends can be discovered, and analysis techniques can be refined and made more effective in the years to come.

For patients who have tried and found particular treatments ineffective, this research opens a new opportunity to investigate why their bodies may not have responded to medication. Through the continuing study, these patients will be able to fit treatment precisely for their genetic makeup.

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