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Throughout the majority of our history, astronomers have measured things in the cosmos with light. Now, they’re able to look at the Universe through an exciting new medium. Gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of spacetime, and before 2015, it was believed that it was impossible to see them. Through incredible new research, we can now observe gravitational waves and use them to understand more about extreme events that are happening in the Universe. 

Michael Zevin is a NASA Hubble Fellow at the University of Chicago. He became interested in black holes research and gravity waves at the beginning of his Ph.D. and began working with a research group studying gravitational waves called the LIGO scientific collaboration. Michael Zevin shares how his work is helping to move us forward in our understanding of this incredible new science.

In this episode, you can learn about:

  • How scientists across the globe are collaborating to study and observe gravitational-wave events.
  • A supernova explosion that produced over 300 times the Earth’s mass in gold.
  • The ways that electromagnetic waves are teaching us about the dawn of the cosmos.

Discover all of this and more by tuning in to this thrilling episode!

To continue following this exciting research, you can find Michael Zevin on Twitter at @spacedontwait or at You can also keep up with LIGO, access all the data yourself, and learn more by visiting

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