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These days, there is a new type of trash we are confronted with: plastic and microplastic pollution. Scientists around the world are still puzzled by the impact this problem may have on humans and the environment. Today we sit down with researcher Win Cowger to discuss his thoughts on this important issue.

Win Cowger, Ph.D. is an Environmental Scientist at the Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution and Research. Also known as “Dr. Trash”, Win is interested in advancing science on the transport and fate of trash in watersheds and river flow. He believes that by tracking trash, we will be able to identify solutions to plastic pollution while also assessing how well they work…

Join us now to discover:

  • What ignited Win’s interest in environmental research.
  • How trash and microplastics move around in the environment.
  • How trash in rivers differs from trash in garbage cans.
  • Potential trash solutions for countries like India.

To learn more about Win Cowger and his work with the Moore Institute for Plastic Pollution and Research, click here now!

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