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In this episode, Dr. Robert Wolfe from the Amino Company, joins us to talk about Essential amino acids and how they influence aging and longevity. Dr. Wolfe is the CoFounder of The Amino Company, a business founded to develop and market products based on amino acids.

Over the years, Dr. Wolfe’s research led him to establish 15 different patents that specifically address metabolic problems. The Amino Company was born to sponsor this research and manufacture products that the general public can benefit from.

This episode is sponsored by The Amino Company. The Amino Company offers 100% science-backed amino acids formulas that taste great and is easy to incorporate into the daily routine. It’s Keto-friendly, Soy-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free, without any nasty NON-GMOs. In a clinical trial, muscle protein synthesis from exercise more than tripled by using Perform as compared to whey protein.
Perform is formulated to minimize muscle breakdown during exercise and maximize muscle growth after exercise.
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In this discussion, Dr. Wolfe tackles subjects such as:

  • What essential amino acids are, and how they can influence human health.
  • The amino-acid-based products that The Amino Company offers.
  • How excess fat in the liver is detrimental, and how amino acids can reduce this condition and improve liver function.

Are you looking for ways to take charge of your health in highly functional ways? Visit now to get your hands on The Amino Company’s innovative products!

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