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Having a baby as a working mom is incredibly demanding.

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Unfortunately, many mothers can feel as though they don’t have the proper resources to take care of their babies while working – especially when breastfeeding and pumping are involved…

Today we chat with Allison Tolman, a nurse, lactation consultant, and breast pump expert that is committed to taking this burden off of working mothers. As the owner of New Little Life, she focuses on combining breastfeeding and pumping support for mothers who feel overwhelmed or under-informed.

Allison is a women’s health specialist that believes in the power of education.

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Along with her website, she also has a Youtube channel. Here, she supports mothers as they transition back to work and provides integral information on breastfeeding and breast pumps for viewers around the world.

Tune in now to hear Allison discuss:

  • The importance of combining breastfeeding and pumping in a healthy way.
  • What lactation consultants typically help mothers with.
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  • Why there can be an oversupply of breastmilk when pumping is involved, and how this can create issues.

Visit now to learn more about Allison and her work!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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