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How does the brain react to sound therapy? In this episode, we connect with Lee Gerdes, the CEO of Cereset, a wellness company that helps its clients “relax their brains to manage stress, restore hope and achieve restful sleep.”

With a background in math, physics, psychology, theology, and computer software, Lee has made fascinating discoveries regarding brain health – and he is on a mission to bring these benefits to others.

After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in the early 1990s, Lee found himself personally committed to the subject of brain health and rehabilitation. Since then, he has done a deep dive into acoustic brain stimulation, and his clients are seeing real results from this cutting-edge therapy…

Join the conversation now to uncover:

  • How Lee is using sound to interact with frequency spectrums in the brain.
  • The issues that acoustic brain stimulation has been shown to resolve.
  • What happens when the brain sustains trauma, and why it can be difficult to treat.
  • The frequency patterns that exist within the brain.

Want to learn more about Lee and his intriguing work with Cereset? Click here now!

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