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Is wifi radiation harmful? Dafna Tachover asked this after experiencing extreme symptoms that began with a laptop purchase. She shares her research and efforts since then with podcast listeners.

In this episode, she addresses

  • Health risks of wireless technology like increased cancers and worsening of ADHD and autism symptoms;
  • Efforts you can make in your own home against electric and magnetic fields, or EMF protection; and
  • What the future holds for 5G infrastructure and how to fight back.

Dafna Tachover is the director of Stop 5G & Wireless Harms Project, a part of Children’s Health Defense, and an attorney in New York and Israel. She begins by relaying her own experience in 2009 while living in Princeton, New Jersey, and starting her own law practice.

After buying a new laptop, she noticed disturbing symptoms while in proximity with the computer that continued despite returning and trying other laptops. These symptoms included tingling in her fingers and feet, headaches, and heart palpitations. She explains that she doesn’t like the term “sensitivity” for this condition—rather, the word “injury” is a more accurate word for this. She had worked with wireless for years before and it had taken its toll, injuring her system. 

She describes why our biology is affected and why we need EMF protection from this pulsation modulation. She also explains the pushback to this claim and notes that there is a huge amount of studies that answer “is wifi radiation harmful?” with a definitive “yes.”  She notes the extreme financial incentive for wireless companies to cast this in the light of conspiracy theory and then explains what 5G is and how it will increase this radiation.

Finally, she offers several ways listeners can fight back and make decisions to hardwire their own homes and eliminate radiation in their surroundings.

For resources on how to hardwire to the internet within your home along with other information, see Other resources include ,, and

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