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Medtech Impact on Wellness

In this podcast, Cecelia Doucette, Technology Safety Educator, Education Services Director at Wireless Education, talks in-depth about the many potential toxins in our environment.

Doucette is a technical writer and public health safety advocate.

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Her extensive background in the understanding of, and writing about, technology has motivated her to now educate the public and work for important policy change.

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Doucette provides an overview of electromagnetic fields, commonly referred to as EMFs, and the ways they are impacting our general health. She discusses wireless technology and how the now ubiquitous digital technology introduced significantly more electromagnetic fields into our environment that we come in contact with daily. Doucette says that these EMFs are affecting our bodies on a cellular level.

Doucette is a leader in the fight to change public policy. She helped push Ashland Public Schools in Massachusetts to become the nation’s first to implement, Best Practices for Mobile Devices.

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Doucette delves into other work she has been involved with in terms of public health, and she outlines how EMFs can affect our health. She delivers information on how we all can do more to avoid potential threats, such as home-based solutions—hardwiring cellphones to access the internet, and so much more. And she explains the steps she took to hardwire her own home. Doucette talks about the satellites and antennas in our environment and how they too could impact our health.

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