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The age of fifth generation cellular technologies is upon us, which means faster connectivity by three to 10 orders of magnitude, lower latency by 10 orders of magnitude, virtual and augmented reality capabilities, and within a few years, connectivity to IoT, including personal computers, vehicles, manufacturing plants, and homes.

Ignacio Contreras is the director of 5G product marketing at Qualcomm, a company that has expedited the deployment of 5G technologies in response to unexpected and substantial consumer demand for greater data capacity and smartphone capabilities.

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He explains the evolution of cellular technologies over the years, starting from the 1980s when 1G—the first analog cell phones—was the breakthrough technology that the world had never seen before.

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He also details the fundamental differences between 5G and all previous generations of cellular technology, underscoring the globally transformative potential of 5G.

Launches start this year across the US, Europe, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and China.

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Tune in and visit to learn more and stay current on the latest developments.


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