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Emily Fletcher joins the show to share her journey from New York City high-performance circles, to Rishikesh, India for a three-year meditation training program, back to the US to establish Ziva Meditation and the world’s first online meditation training platform, Ziva Online.

Tune in to discover:

  • The powerful differentiation between mindfulness and the meditation technique used at Ziva
  • How a 15-minutes deep rest meditation allows the body to heal itself from stress, and make you feel like you just took an hour-long power nap
  • How the practice of manifestation can allow you to distinguish between addictive longings and intuitive desires
  • What meditation benefits you probably haven’t even thought of, and what it means to have “structured, unfocused time” each day

Do you perform better when you’re less stressed? Is it true that anxiety is making us stupid, sick, and slow? A lot of people would say “Yes,” but a lot of those same people are also hesitant to try something that humans have been doing for thousands of years: meditation.

It wasn’t until Fletcher could no longer ignore the mental and physical consequences of prolonged stress that she tried it out herself. To her surprise, it quickly transformed her, improving everything from her insomnia to her graying hair. Even more to her surprise was the fact that more people don’t practice meditation. She enrolled in a three-year meditation program in India, and upon return, she started Ziva Meditation and Ziva Online. Since then, she has taken a practical approach to meditation and taught 25,000 people to do the same.

“The magic really happens when you’re going in and getting rid of that stress from the past, that’s what increases your IQ by up to 12 points, that’s what reverses your body age by up to 15 years, that’s what decreases your chance of being hospitalized; it’s that eradication of the backlog of stress from ourselves,” says Fletcher. She goes on to explain the three “Ms” of Ziva: mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. To manifest, she says, is to consciously create a life you love. It’s that simple. Fletcher talks in depth about all of this and so much more.

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