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GreenTech Environmental has been producing healthy air systems for at least ten years. Kristen Lawson explains their air purification system in this podcast, describing

  • The difference between active and passive air purifier mechanisms and why active is better,
  • How their systems combine activated oxygen, or ozone, and a proprietary active radiant catalyst (ARC), to imitate nature’s outdoor system, and
  • How these technologies provide air purification for viruses, allergens like pet dander, and other pathogens like bacteria.

GreenTech Environmental’s Vice President of Marketing and Ecommerce, Kristen Lawson, starts by describing how their ARC system imitates the effect of lightening’s charged oxygen molecules. She mentions that the chemistry of air purification they utilize is similar to what NASA has done for decades.

Her company has made it work in plug-in portable units that people can use in their homes as well as larger systems for commercial grade applications.

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Basically, this active system works in part by “hunting” down pathogens and deactivating them through oxygen-bonding.

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She mentions the versatility of their products and scalability, with their largest home unit covering up to 3000 sq. ft. She uses them in her own home and notices differences in eliminating odors and allergens. They even have refrigerator models and wearable units for people with allergies to keep their own area clear.

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While they haven’t been able to test it on coronavirus reduction directly, she notes the air purifying system has been tested on a known surrogate virus with success. She notes that schools, airlines, and other travel industries have been ordering their commercial grade systems.

For more, including available products, specifications, and educational videos, see their website:

Available on Apple Podcasts:


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