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Mark Holtzapple, a chemical engineering professor at Texas A&M University, returns to the podcast to delve into his unique approach to engine efficiency and alternative energy. His passion for scientific exploration drives him to push the boundaries of what is possible. What is his current mission? To revolutionize the efficiency of automobile engines…

Mark is the co-author of two engineering textbooks used to teach engineers throughout the world: Foundations of Engineering and Concepts in Engineering. His research interests include biomass conversion to fuels, water desalination, high-efficiency air conditioning, engines, compressors, and more.

In this discussion, we cover:

  • How Mark’s research closes the gap between what an automobile engine can do, and what it is currently doing.
  • How hot fuel, exhaust, and incoming air interact inside an internal combustion engine.
  • The best engines that are carnot-efficient.
  • How water evaporation impacts engine performance.

To learn more about Mark and his fascinating research, click here now!

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