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After several friends were diagnosed with cancer, Marcus Freudenmann went on an intense research journey to try and help them fight the diagnosis.

He shares his journey with listeners by describing

  • His global travels and discussions with doctors that lead to an understanding of cancer treatment as process,
  • How one particular doctor taught him to stop looking at treatments and start looking at what needs to be treated, and
  • How he took these conversations and research and created his program.

When Marcus Freudenmann’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer, he put his German mentality of “we can fix it” to work.

After piles of research and ideas about new cancer treatments at hand, from paleo diets to ozone therapy, he had the humbling and demoralizing experience of seeing cancer progress further in his friends despite these remedies.

He describes further discussions with one particular doctor who described three patients with the same cancer but very different backgrounds. He learned that an approach to any new cancer treatments, from special diets to ozone therapy, really needs to change its focus.

For example, one patient had an intense bacterial presence in combination with living in a high EMF environment while another had a past history of Lyme disease. The doctor designed different treatments for all three patients despite having the same cancer, noting that one should stop looking only at treatments and start looking at what needs to be treated.

That’s how he was introduced to functional medicine doctors—he saw facing cancer as more of a process of putting a puzzle together. He made a mind map at the time that allowed for a fuller picture and understanding of a patient’s situation as part of the treatment plan.

This was the beginning of his training program, which he describes as a course-finding evaluation company.

They offer a six-part training program that goes into key elements, matching new cancer treatments to an understanding of mental issues, lifestyle factors, physical imbalances, and inherited problems.

For more and to access the free part of the training, see

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