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How can the body’s natural frequencies be used to solve pain and hindrances throughout?

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New frequency therapy techniques used by certified strength and conditioning specialists are leading to excellent results. Press play to learn:

  • The frequencies located throughout the body
  • How changing patterns in the body and lifestyle can be healing
  • How many ANF practitioners are found around the world

Pain therapist and instructor Santiago Villamil shares his work with frequency therapies and how they may be the key to the next cutting-edge physical therapy techniques.

Since our understanding of the frequencies throughout the body in the 1800s, they have often been overlooked as the root cause of pain and mobility issues. However, with the help of new technology that can target specific frequencies and alter or correct them, targeted treatment can help patients that have been unable to find solutions elsewhere.

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With the education and training of frequency therapy practitioners worldwide and in almost every state, these techniques have the potential to revolutionize the fitness healing world. Many clients can even experience relief within 20 minutes of treatment.

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