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“The world is getting transformed… a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize how extraordinary what they’ve done is. They are banking the unbanked, they’re ensuring the uninsurable,” says Tim Draper, who as a billionaire venture capitalist seeks precisely those types of entrepreneurs- the types that focus on ICOs as precursors to greater movements with the potential to affect global change.

Draper discusses the current state of the crypto and ICO world, offers unique insight on the future actions likely to be taken by the SEC, and makes predictions about the ways in which blockchain and crypto technology will revolutionize the world.“When you’re breaking new ground like this, nobody knows what’s going to happen with it, nobody knows how to regulate it, nobody really has any idea where it’s going…but we all know it’s something big.” Hit play to hear more.

Draper also discusses:
· The benefits of utilizing blockchains as ledgers for companies and governments

· How blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will curb the power exerted by governments over their people and serve as a check on fiat currency

· Insight on the current state of China and which direction they may be headed in the future

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