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Joining us in this episode is Dr. Christopher D. Bader, a Professor of Sociology at Chapman University and an affiliate of the Institute for Religion, Economics and Society (IRES). Dr. Bader has been a sociologist for years, and early on in his career, he became interested in the decline of conventional religion. Where are people turning to instead? He found that many individuals fill this spiritual void with UFOs, ghosts, bigfoot, and other paranormal phenomena…

Dr. Bader has been the principal investigator of the first two waves of the Baylor Religion Survey, a nationwide survey of US religious beliefs and the principal investigator of the first three waves of the Chapman Survey of American Fears. He has also written two books, America’s Four Gods and Paranormal America and has published 35 articles and chapters in the fields of sociology, deviance, criminology, the sociology of religion and education.

Click play now to uncover:

  • How surveys can help preserve religious data over time.
  • The role that fear plays in various social phenomena.
  • What Americans are afraid of.
  • The relationship between religion and fear.

You can learn more about Dr. Bader here!

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