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Kenneth Wu, CEO of Milk and Eggs (, a local farms food delivery business, provides a detailed overview of the current state of farm fresh foods, delivery, freshness, and environmental impact. As founder and chief executive officer of Milk and Eggs, Wu manages the company’s overall vision and planned growth strategies. As he explains, Milk and Eggs is an online farmers market with a delivery arm. Wu oversees the company’s investor relations as well as the general business development. Wu is a seasoned entrepreneur with over twenty years of business experience with a specialty in startups and new business ventures.

Wu was the founder of AirSplat, the largest retailer of shooting sports equipment, tactical accessories, and gear where he oversaw the company’s development, growth, and management. And Wu served as president of 2WheelBikes, a popular cycling equipment, and accessories retailer. Other notable entrepreneurial successes in Wu’s long history of business expansion include his founding of Battle Arena, a virtual sports entertainment center and Cast Gear, a prominent tactical clothing and gear retailer.

Wu explains the process that makes Milk and Eggs work so successfully. He details how their products and foods originate fresh from farms and food makers and are delivered to the consumer. He gives an overview of the methods they utilize to deliver the freshest goods in an efficient manner that is better for the environment as well.

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And as Wu explains, Milk and Eggs can keep prices low because there is no waste, inventory, middlemen, or large inefficient distribution centers and stores that require massive, costly real estate. He outlines the company’s focus on real foods, produce, etc. and discusses why they stay away from what he refers to as “center aisle” products such as chips, sodas, toilet paper, etc.

The farm fresh entrepreneur discusses their product lines and some of the specialty offerings they provide—curated boxes of items such as farm box, seasonal box, and office meeting box—each delivering different items for niche markets or desires. Additionally, he discusses their unique meal kits that are developed in coordination with local nutritional authorities, for those who really want to maximize their health benefits.

Wu details their focus on local artisanal products and the immense positive feedback they receive from consumers on these specialty products, from the access to foods that would normally require extensive travel, to the freshness of the ingredients and foods. He enthusiastically states that many of their customers truly praise the quality of their foods and have stated that the level of freshness is much higher than what they can find at their local grocery stores and markets. Wu describes the time frames that typical foods sit around before being purchased or consumed, and how Milk and Eggs have dramatically reduced the ‘sit time’ on foods, which is instantly obvious when consumers taste the freshness.

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The food freshness expert talks about the problem of waste in the food industry and how it is a huge drain on our ecosystem. He talks about the percentage of food that is classified as ‘imperfect’ and what his company and others are doing to cut down on waste. Wu’s goal is to ensure that all food is used by donating to local food banks that support the community and those in need.

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And Milk and Eggs uses minimal packaging and reusable insulated delivery bags to further cut waste, and any plastic bags they use are specially designed to be biodegradable to decrease pollution and cause no harm to wildlife.

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