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The hologram is a picture of the world as recorded by Wi-Fi,” says Philip Holl, explaining the bachelor’s thesis he completed at the Technical University of Munich. By recording all Wi-Fi signals that pass through a certain plane, Holl was able to create a 3D picture–or a hologram–of every object through which those signals passed. While it was done primarily for academic purposes, the use cases for this technology include indoor and outdoor tracking.

As a Ph.D. student, Holl has shifted his focus into the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning and is currently working on using artificial intelligence to solve fluid optimization problems. For example, in order for a robot to pick up a glass of water without spilling it, the robot must understand how the water will behave within that glass.

Holl also discusses a recent project in which he developed AI-based algorithms for determining whether rare events in physics can be classified as real, or are merely background events from other sources. Tune in for an in-depth explanation of all of Holl’s work, and feel free to reach out with questions.

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