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Does psychedelic medicine have health benefits? If so, what are they? Benjamin Lightburn joins the podcast today to address these questions – and discuss what his company is doing to enrich the growing field of alternative medicines.

Benjamin is the  CEO and Co-Founder of Filament Health, a clinical-stage natural psychedelic drug discovery and development company. Benjamin has been working in the field of botanical extraction throughout his whole career, and with his most recent entrepreneurial pursuit, he has decided to shift his focus to natural psychedelics…

Join the discussion now to explore:

  • Which psychedelics are the closest to becoming legal, and what this could mean for medical treatment.
  • The different extraction technologies that Filament Health is using for their psychedelic medicines.
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  • The main things that differentiate natural products from synthetic ones.
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  • Symptoms that psychedelic medicines can alleviate.

Filament Health is on a mission to improve the lives of people by providing safe, standardized, naturally-derived psychedelic medicines.

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How are they planning on achieving this goal? Tune in now to find out!

To learn more about Benjamin and his work with Filament Health, click here now!

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