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Today we connect with Dr. Noelle Patno, a microbiome scientific educator that has cultivated a distinct approach to nutritional research. Dr. Patno has a Ph.D. in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition, and a Master’s in Translational Science from the University of Chicago. Utilizing her years of education and experience, she is on a mission to “advance effective and safe therapies for patients facing difficult healthcare decisions.”

Dr. Patno has dealt with her share of health difficulties, and this has played a major role in informing her approach to wellness and medicine.

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Most recently, she has focused her research on nutritional ingredients – primarily in probiotics and the microbiome.

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Click play now to explore:

  • Dr. Patno’s studies regarding the gastrointestinal system.
  • The factors that influence peoples’ response to prebiotics and fiber.
  • The importance of affecting the overall diversity of gut bacteria when it comes to intestinal health. 

The human digestive system is incredibly complex and affects so many other parts of the body. Want to know more about what researchers like Dr. Patno are doing to uncover solutions to gut health problems? Join us in this episode to find out!

To learn more about Dr. Patno and her work, visit now!

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