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Where is your seafood coming from, and why does it matter?

Find out the answer to this question and so many more with aquaculture and marine science expert Laura Tiu.

You’ll explore:

  • What percentage of seafood in the U.S. is imported
  • The difference between aquaculture and aquaponics
  • What an aquaculture setup looks like in the ocean
  • The fastest-growing marine aquaculture right now
  • Efforts to educate customers on where their seafood comes from and why it matters in terms of taste and nutritional benefits

As a marine science county extension director and agent in the Florida Panhandle, much of Laura Tiu’s work revolves around educating farmers, producers, businesses, and the general public about environmental issues and marine science, as well as ongoing research projects in aquaculture and aquaponics.

She shares insights about the most recent projects in aquaculture, including genetic selection for yellow perch and all-male bluegill production.

She also discusses the benefits of raising shellfish for food, the effects of unprecedented amounts of fresh water entering Florida bays, the permitting process for offshore aquaculture in federal waters, and the future of the aquaculture industry in Florida and beyond.

Tune in and visit to learn more, and feel free to email your questions to

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