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Joining us in this episode to discuss climate science is Andrew Dessler. Andrew is the Director of the Texas Center for Climate Studies. He is also a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and holder of the Reta A. Haynes Chair in Geoscience at Texas A&M University.

Andrew wants to know how climate change is going to affect humans in the future. In order to unpack this area of interest, he spends his time researching topics such as climate change policy, climate impacts, atmospheric chemistry, and global climate physics.

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Tune in now to uncover:

  • The research tools Andrew is using to predict the future impacts of climate change.
  • What we can do to mitigate future climate challenges.
  • One way the U.S. could largely transition away from fossil fuels.
  • How electricity usage is being affected by climate change.

So, what will the future hold for humans as the climate continues to transform? What can we do to prepare for a warmer future? Andrew answers these questions and others like them in this insightful conversation about climate change!

Click here to learn more about Andrew and his work as a climate scientist!

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