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Dr. Annila, biophysics professor, explores the time and space relationship in this podcast. When you listen, you’ll hear him discuss:

  • Why he thinks Darwin’s theory of natural selection can be approached through physics.
  • How questions we ask about aspects of human existence change if we consider that everything is quanta (photons).
  • If everything is about motion, we can approach life and non-living factors the same way.

Early in his days as a new professor of biophysics, Dr.

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Annila of the University of Helsinki asked why there was no equation for evolution yet. After all, life is all about motion. That question took him on this voyage he explores in his book and in his research. He looks at the theory of evolution in terms of physics.

For example, he explains the time and space relationship like this: losing heat takes place over time. Photons that we lose as we cool off are not only carrying energy but also time.

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This means energy is carried over a period of time: energy and time go hand in hand and this can be a mathematical formula. Why? Because photons have a wavelength.

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A wavelength divided by the speed of light equals time. This makes time a concreate concept rather than an abstract.

He continues to explain that it is a contrived idea that evolution should be limited to animals and explains that there’s nothing special in life versus nonlife according to his theories. Finally, this understanding changes how we approach many aspects of human existence. An understanding of everything as photons opens up a new understanding of all matter.

For more, see his university home page:

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