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We’ve all been there, pouring over the unvetted, nonsense job listings on numerous, over-saturated online job boards. Or perhaps as the hiring manager, peeling through unqualified resume, after even more unqualified resume. Nowhere is this more felt, perhaps, than the fintech world. Industry leaders can all agree, it’s no secret finding solid applicants is a particularly grueling task in this competitive space.

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Today we sit down with Ed Donner, CEO, and Cofounder of New York, tech start-up, untapt.

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Untapt is making job-hunting and hiring in tech as easy and streamlined as it should as possible. They are using built-in artificial intelligence to match talent with job openings. Untapt uses AI and algorithms to go through thousands of resumes at a time, to predict how certain applicants would do in a particular position. This is not only saving precious time but also saves on costly recruiter fees and commissions.

Tune in to find out how untapt is changing the way we hire and search for jobs in the ever-growing field of fintech jobs.

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