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Quantgene combines deep genomics with AI to detect cancer very early. When you listen, you’ll hear Mr. Bhakdi explain:

  • What information they are able to glean from a blood test regarding cancer presence.
  • The difference and benefit of a “liquid biopsy” or blood test compared with a conventional tumor biopsy.
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  • How this test is able to recognize mutational expressions despite the heterogeneity of most tumors.
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Quantgene founder and CEO Jo Bhakdi discusses the company’s focus on early cancer detection through blood testing to find its earliest markers. With a human genome sequence software-driven technology that also engages chemistry, machine learning, and laboratory processes, Quantgene is able to sequence and investigate cancer DNA one by one. This increases the accuracy and speed by an exponential degree compared to other detections that were based on protein marker identification.

The test can pick up somatic DNA mutations in the blood caused by tumors with a whole new level of precision by detecting individual molecules in cancer DNA.

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This human genome sequence work is superior to next generation sequencing because it’s much more accurate. 

Quantgene’s process can investigate every single DNA copy and eliminate any errors. They aggregated the world’s largest data set of tumor DNA and created a matching learning project to answer very specific questions like, what are the smallest number of locations one has to look at to still find any variant of a tumor? They can get a systemic reflection of the tumor and can tell exactly what the tumor is in mutational terms. The data they’ve generated and continue to generate is completely new in oncology.

Future plans include the launch of an early detection product in 2020 called Serenity. A simple blood test done once a year should guide physicians on detecting cancer early. The resulting data set will create much larger data sets ultimately, with a huge data flow to gain full scientific insight.

For more information on the company, see

For more on the 2020 test release of Serenity, see


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